L o t t a W e n n ä k o s k i


w  o  r  k  s    f  o  r    o  r  c  h  e  s  t  r  a

                                                            Sakara   (2003)    16'  3333/4331/03/1, strings

Dalaim  (2004-05)    15'     solo violin + 2221/2110/01/0, strings

Kuule    (2005)    15'    
solo cello + 1111/1000/00/0, strings
(second version Kuule II for bass clarinet and ensemble)

Hava    (2007)    10'   
2222/2200/01/0 , strings
published by Fennica Gehrman
Soie  (2009)  20'    solo flute + 3232/2211/02/1, pno, strings
published by Fennica Gehrman

Amor omnia    (2011-12)    85'  3232/2221/13/1 pf, strings 
music for silent film (Amor omnia 1922, director Konrad Tallroth)
Jong   (2012-13)   18'   woodwind quintet, strings 4-3-3-2-1 
planned to be performed with a juggler
(text material for the musicians either in Finnish or English)  
PDF-score (of the Finnish version)
published by Fennica Gehrman

Amor Omnia Suite  (2014)   24'  3232/2221/13/1 pf, strings
published by Fennica Gehrman

Verdigris   (2015)    12'   2222/2200/01/0 , strings
published by Fennica Gehrman

Sedecim   (2015-16)    22'   3232/4331/12/1 , pf, strings
published by Fennica Gehrman

Susurrus  (2016)  15'   
solo guitar +  2222/2200/01/0 , strings
published by Fennica Gehrman

Flounce   (2017)    5' 
  3232/4221/03/1 , strings
published by Fennica Gehrman

Uniin asti   (2017)    18'   male choir, 3232/4221/03/1 , strings
texts by Olli Heikkonen, Saila Susiluoto, Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, Claes Andersson and Kanteletar
published by 
Fennica Gehrman

Foliage   (2017)    10'   violoncello solo + 2222/2100/01/0 , strings
published by Fennica Gehrman
premier at the Turku Cello Competition in February 2018

c  h  a  m  b  e  r    m  u  s  i  c   

Ilmakehästä   (2003)    10'   
flute and piano    Uusinta Publishing Company   

Culla d'aria   (2003-04)    10'    
string quartet

Pjäs   (2006)    8'    
kolme kohtausta neljälle lyöjälle   three scenes for four percussionists

Ír  (2006)    10'    
piano solo   Uusinta Publishing Company 

Nosztalgiaim   (2006-07)    14'     
woodwind quintet, string quintet, tr, trb

Limn   (2002)    8'    bass clarinet solo        PDF-score

rosE   (2007)    5'
      bassoon and piano    PDF-score

Sival   (2007)    12'    
kantele and violin     Uusinta Publishing Company

Andas  (2008)  3'    
two bass clarinets     PDF-score

Suka   (2008)    10'     
fl, ob, cl in Bb, bcl, bsn, hn

Balai  (2009)  9'  
guitar solo   PDF-score     

Sinne  (2011-12)    11'    
string trio   
see excerpt 1     excerpt 2      Uusinta Publishing Company 

Ciphers  (2013-14)    flute (bass fl.), harp, vla

Päärme ("Hem")  (2014-15)  12'  piano trio   PDF-score

Rumbo  (2017-18)   10'  
six bass clarinets

v   o   c   a   l      m   u   s   i   c

Procris   (2003)   11' 

soprano and viola da gamba  -  text by Tua Forsström

Soiva ilo  (2013)  4'    PDF-score
soprano and piano  -  text by Marjo Heiskanen

I stället för vingar  (2014-16)  13'  
text by Eva-Stina Byggmästar           PDF-score
mezzosoprano, cl/bcl, perc, cb

Valo joka    (2016)    7'
soprano and violin   -    text by Saila Susiluoto

Ämpärilumikki    (2007-08)    12'
six children's songs for tenor and orchestra, text by different writers
tenor solo, 2222/2211/01/1, strings

Le miroir courbe  (2010-11)  15'   
text by Yves Bonnefoy       PDF-score
mezzo-soprano solo, 2222/2200/01/0, strings

 s  t  a  g  e    w  o  r  k  s              

N! Naisen rakkautta ja elämää 
Love and Life of a Woman   (2002-03)     40'   (60')

 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, fl , cl in B, perc (1 player), pno, vln, vcl, cb
laulusarja kolmelle naisäänelle ja soitinyhtyeelle - näyttämöteoksessa N!
esitettynä yhdessä R. Schumannin samannimisen laulusarjan kanssa
song cycle for three female voices and ensemble;
to be performed together with Robert Schumann's famous cycle

Λελελε   Lelele  (2010-11)     35'   
soprano, clarinet, cello and accordion
monodraama ihmiskaupasta ja pakkoprostituutiosta
a monodrama on sex trafficking and forced prostitution 

Wunderbar  (2015)     50'  
2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, piano trio
premier at Helsinki Festival August 2015

 c  h  o  r  a  l    w  o  r  k  s              

Ommel  five interpretations of a tanka poem (2013)   SATB   PDF-score
Valossa  (2014)    SATB    published by Sulasol
Humina kuiskina  (2014)    male choir   published by Sulasol
Perhosen voima  (2014)   text Vilja-Tuulia Huotarinen    girls' choir   published by Sulasol
Ilman kappaleita  (2015)   text Henriikka Tavi     SATB    published by Suomen Laulu